What to Expect in ESC 2021

January 29, 2021

The ESC brings energy stakeholders together to share experiences, views, and outlooks on energy in Nigeria and across Africa, while also proffering possible solutions to critical energy issues and challenges.

The last edition of the ESC was in 2019, which successfully brought together energy professionals to analyze the Africa Energy Market. A communique was developed in 2019 following proceedings from the conference, which can serve as a policy document for government agencies

The share of Clean Energy sources in the global energy structure is low despite their environmental and sustainability benefits. Historically, the burning of fossil fuels is associated with producing a large amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases with attendant damage to the physical environment. There is a growing need to formulate policies to help reduce these attendant damages to the environment. The ESC 2021 will be mainly focused on accelerating changes in the energy structure through policy formulation will help promote responsible and sustainable production and consumption.

There will be industry-specific sessions, with a major focus on Power, Energy Transition (i.e., renewables), Energy Finance, and the Oil and Gas industries.

The ESC 2021 will also be a suitable platform to network with top industry players and top government officials in the energy sector.

There will be 6 specialist hubs and Women in Energy Breakfast to better improve opportunities to network.

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